The Curriculum 2.0 (C2.0) Mathematics program develops a deep understanding of mathematics by building a strong foundation of number sense at the elementary level before moving into more advanced content. The chart below shows the course options available to students that will prepare them for success in college and careers. Students who are successful in the grade-level content, as represented in the main series in the chart, will be able to reach Algebra 1 by Grade 8 and an Advanced Placement course, such as AP Calculus, in high school. The kindergarten through Grade 6 mathematics program contains acceleration and enrichment options that challenge students beyond the CCSS. The few students who demonstrate exceptional proficiency, as defined by UCARE (understanding, computing, applying, reasoning, and engaging), may be ready to work in a compacted course, starting in Grade 4 (second line in graphic below). Students who need support in the grade-level course may need to work in other courses in middle school, such as C2.0 Math 7 and C2.0 Math 8 (third line in graphic below). Students taking these classes will still be on a trajectory for Algebra 2 and higher-level math that prepares them for college. It is anticipated that these courses will phase out over time as more students reach proficiency in grade-level standards.
New minimum qualifications for admission to University System of Maryland colleges and universities include completion of Algebra 2 or a significant mathematics course with advanced content during senior year.

The above information came from the Montgomery County Math Curriculum PDFFor More information please see the Montgomery County Math Curriculum brochure

progression chart